Why I Am Running for McHenry County Board District 6:

  1. Ensuring working families are represented
  2. To promote a healthy environment / clean air & water
  3. Financial responsibility, making sure taxpayers receive quality services
  4. To make sure we have check & balances in county government



My wife, Diane, and I have 3 grown sons and 2 grandchildren.  We have lived in McHenry County for 25 years.

I was elected and served from 2019- 2023 on McHenry Elementary School Board. I served on the curriculum committee and as chairperson of the building and facilities committee.  I have served as a Sunday school co-superintendent at my local church and now serve as chair of finance and trustee committees.

I graduated from Central Michigan University with a Bachelor’s of Science.  Later I got my Masters of Arts in Teaching and Leadership.  After teaching Automotive several years, I left teaching to be a car & truck mechanic. This work experience enabled me to be qualified to teach vocational automotive classes. I returned to teaching and taught over 33 years, of which 18 years were at Crystal Lake South High School. I was an instructor of Automotive, Metals, and Woods classes. 

I have worked part time for the National Center for Dispute Settlement (NCDS) as an arbitrator on new car warranty disputes.  I listen to both sides, sort out facts, and come to a logical decision.  In my 29 years at this, I have also served as a mediator working with both sides to reach a voluntary settlement agreement to resolve the warranty problem. For the past several years, I have served on an arbitration panel of three, reading new car warranty disputes.  We discuss and decide whether to award or deny the customer claim.   Therefore, I have worked with other professionals in coming to an agreement on whether they met requirements to award their case.  This experience will serve me well on the McHenry County Board.    

I will do my best to represent the constituents of McHenry County Board District 6 by listening to their needs and concerns.  I pledge to be open minded and listen to both sides before voting.