What I’m Running On

You may have seen a postcard in the mail recently. Here’s what it said…

Arne’sĀ goals as a school board member are to:

  • Ensure a quality education for all students
  • Pledge to listen to both sides of an issue
  • Work to ensure that class size is at a level that benefits student learning

About Arne

Arne and his wife, Diane, have been married for 39 years. We have raised three sons. Our family has lived in McHenry for fourteen years. Arne has taught Automotive & Industrial Tech. classes at Crystal Lake South High School for seventeen years. He is running to ensure students receive the best education at McHenry High School. This will assist them to be successful in college or in the work force.

We are asking for your vote on

Election Day, April 4th.

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